Our Colour is Pink

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Our colour is Pink

Our pink is called LilyM Pink...at least that is how we now describe it!  We are girls, we love pink!  It only stands to reason that we would support pink too, that is, National Breast Cancer Foundation ‘Pink’.  As with many other supporters - individuals and businesses - this comes from a place of loss.  Our Mum Mary lost her younger sister, us our beloved Aunty Lily and our cousin Lynda her cherished Mum to breast cancer in 1997.  Although Lily’s first diagnosis was early the battle was not to be won.  The loss is always there.  The space left in our lives is never filled.  

There is something we do to help alleviate the senseless loss and pain and to hopefully save lives and reduce this loss for others.

High Teas with delicious eats and drinks... dressing up to the nines… wearing pink… supporting others… supporting Breast Cancer Research… donating headwear for auction and beaded hair pins for the ‘goody bags’....  this is what we do and in some small way we hope it helps.  

At the last High Tea By The Sea on The Sunshine Coast we wore beaded pink ribbon brooches that were designed & created by Brenda and made along with the help of my clever daughter-in-law Kirstin… just to ensure we wore enough pink!  Aaaand, of course - as they were such a hit - Brenda has recently been busy making hundreds of these lovely items which we now display prominently hoping to sell as many as possible with proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research.

So, you may have already guessed that LilyM was named in honour of two sisters… Lily who loved to 'dress up to the nines' and left us all too soon and way before LilyM was a dream, and her older sister Mary who at the proud age of 85 likes to help create in the LilyM Studio at Peachester.  

Drop by sometime and see what we do...you are most welcome!  You can always pick up a pink ribbon brooch and beaded hair pin in support of breast cancer research while you’re there!

Breast Cancer Pin Collection view here


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